toomanytigers is the new name for Ray Mills-Morrow’s creative consultancy, formerly know as Read Between The Lines.

Brand, design, difficult questions, cat-herding and beautiful responsive build by the epic Paul Mills of GoodMorningPlease. I can’t thank you enough for your talent, vision and patience.

Exciting ideas grew into a reality that far surpasses anything I’d imagined or hoped for. So if you’re looking for an outstanding digital experience – be it a responsive website or drop-dead-gorgeous animation – you simply couldn’t do better.

The lovely Russell Bromley for bringing Toomanytigers to life in print and PowerPoint. It couldn’t be prettier – big thanks to you.

Huge thanks to all my lovely clients, especially spotlighted stars Studio Six, Truth and the wonderful Wheathill. I’ll keep bringing the treats, promise.

Lastly, Madison Mills-Morrow, for snuffles, snorts, grunts and snores, and being a truly memorable officemate. One day, we’ll conquer the world and build you a magnificent palace of pigs’ ears.