Toomanytigers is Ray Mills-Morrow’s creative consultancy. Ray started out in marketing, before cutting her teeth as a copywriter. She specialised in student marketing, internal comms and employer branding, before earning middleweight and senior stripes in a large multi-service agency. Though agency life was a blast and an education – she picked up polished branding, direct marketing (DM), digital and planning skills – itchy feet and a craving for autonomy won out in the end. She has been successfully freelancing for over 10 years, working with clients large and small across every sector.

Creative copywriting

Looking for a big idea to kickstart sales, launch a product or change perceptions? Let’s talk. Thanks to a career spanning advertising, direct marketing (DM), print and outdoor, as well as the more typical creative copy for social and email, I deliver creative copy that converts.

Your brand is in safe hands

Creative copy isn’t about showy gimmicks and cheesy puns*. It’s about coming up with bright ideas by the bucketload until we get it just right for your brand and your budget. Combining creative spark and proven experience to craft copy that pulls all the levers. The results? Happier brand associations and more customers signing up, reading on and buying more.

*unless that’s what makes your brand tick, in which case, I’ll happily indulge in some guilty, gooey pleasure.

What does that mean in practice?

Tight, creative copy that will make your brand or proposition sing, and your customers, designers and finance team smile.

  • Concepts – and creative campaign planning from a media-neutral external perspective
  • Design-biased creative copy for campaigns – social (natural and ads), leaflets, posters, flyers
  • Social media ghostwriting – including #hashtag and trend research
  • Direct Marketing copywriting – digital and print
  • Traditional long copywriting – prospectuses, brochures, annual reports
  • Copy for packaging
  • Concepts and scripts for animation and film
  • Diversity-positive copy

All with a firm eye on the ROI, and a curious, easy-going approach that makes every project less of a challenge and more of an adventure.

Good to know:

When it comes to copywriting, I usually work remotely – though on-site sessions are sometimes available.

Did you know?

I can help with campaign planning too… from a genuinely media-neutral perspective. Check out communications consultancy.

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“More wiggle when they wag. Purrrfect coats and playful pounces. Glowing health from head to tail. Quality of life and more complete nutrition, whatever their age. We call it visibly full of life – and it’s what we’re all about, here at Lintbells.

From veterans who are feeling their years, to pups and kittens who are growing fast, horses with itches, to working dogs who need extra support, whatever’s going on in your pet’s life, we want to hear about it. And help where we can. After all, our mission is to support the lives of as many dogs, cats and horses as possible.”



“Arval are the wheels behind business. The people who make sure the best emergency plumber is safe on the road, just when we need him. We’re the people behind a million safe journeys, successful business trips and happy holidays – because leasing vehicles is about so much more than just getting from A to B.

From whole fleets for the biggest blue-chip companies, to single vans for savvy traders, prestige cars for company directors to reliable cars for busy families, we keep 10% of Britain’s leased vehicles moving – and we promise great people great careers.”


Clive Christian

“Our patrons are as diverse as the dreams they share with us. For us, it’s about saying yes to possibility and thinking far beyond the confines of convention. We embrace individuality, eclecticism and whimsy, adding creativity and the very best of British craftsmanship to create truly special places to live, work and play.”

“Shaping your vision in the world’s finest materials is more than a livelihood for our artisan craftsmen and women. It’s a vocation. So whether you love to be surrounded by understated elegance or a dash of eccentricity, simple classic lines or groundbreaking design directions, be inspired by our past projects. From the heart of England to fine residences the world over, explore our projects and be inspired to begin your own.”



This is a call for HUNGRY DREAMERS and hardworking self believers. Here at UA92, we believe that success is down to more than LUCK & TALENT.

It’s resolving to be the best, BREAKING BOUNDARIES and never giving up. We’re inviting talented students to step up and UNLOCK THEIR GREATNESS.


The competition out there is FIERCE – so our students graduate with more than a qualification. They OPEN DOORS, thanks to a unique personal DEVELOPMENT journey. They’ll SUPERCHARGE their physical and social intelligence to become the best. And they'll connect with the best – in the classroom, the boardroom, the editing suite and the pitch.

This is EDUCATION EVOLVED. This is UA92.



“Roomzzz. Comfier (and more fun) than a boxy hotel, there’s room to be yourself – with the security and reassurance most apartments just don’t offer. Luxurious but homely. Individual, like you are. Your feel-good space, with all the luxurious extras and none of the cleaning up. Smack bang in the sweet spot for families, worker bees, adventurers and friends, and yours for less when you join ClubZzz. You win. You snooze. Nothing to lose. So come on in, make yourself comfy and discover all the added extras…”

“Pop the fizz. Or curl up in your PJs. It’s up to you. Welcome to the members club where you’ll soon feel right at home. Because with us loyalty’s royalty, and we’ll give you all the VIP perks when you book direct. You don’t need a special invitation or the right shoes, just yourself – we think you’re looking pretty gorgeous right now. From 5% off your very first stay up to free upgrades and all kinds of goodies, come direct and make yourself at home.”



In 1761 Thomas Dakin reinvented English gin. Transformed Mother’s Ruin into Manchester’s Finest. The world’s first, and still its best. Tom made more than an exceptional drink and a legacy to live up to. He put down our roots.

A tastemaker and a taste changer. An innovator and a true original. That’s our Tom. And that’s his legacy too. Artisan from day one. Small batch. Big flavour. Smooth and sharp. Deliciously savoury, a rhapsody in juniper, citrus and rare roots. Red cole (horseradish to me and you). Roots in roots. Our roots.

There’s more to our roots than a man, a moment, a craft or a recipe. Our roots span deep in this place. Champagne can keep its terroir. We’ve grown up on sterner stuff. Industry. Innovation. Unionisation. Celebration. We know how to graft. And to laugh. To dream and dance and live forever. Grassroots to going global. Our roots.

We were the world’s first English Gin. And today, we’re still the best. But what next? A future to live up to our proud past. We’ll keep our craft, and share our passion, fuelling the nights memories and legends are made of. But we’ll always remember where we’ve come from. After all, it’s our roots that make us.